Sunday, January 27, 2013

Local SPOTLIGHT: Gay Witch Abortion

It seems almost counter intuitive in a day and age where only a few clicks of a mouse can land you headfirst into a virtually endless sea of music, but it is getting harder and harder to find stuff that you can truly describe as unlike anything you've heard before.  Gay Witch Abortion, a noise/sludge/garage/metal/punk duo from right here in Minneapolis, is one band that, against all odds, manages to stand out.

Gay Witch Abortion released their debut album, Maverick, on Learning Curve Records back in 2007.  The 36 minute LP is packed from cover to cover with grinding, squealing guitars, walls of pile-driving noise, and just general unrestrained fury.  It is the soundtrack to destruction.  It is for those of us who like it dirty, heavy, and raw.  It is the gleeful embracement of primal aggression- pain, fire, blood, dirt, broken glass, broken bones, maybe sniffing some deer repelant, etc.   

(not recommended)

The Witch released their equally brilliant sophomore album Opportunistic Smokescreen Behavior in November of last year, and continues to regularly play shows around the Twin Cities - Scheduled next for February 20th at The Turf Club.


WARNING:  Go easy on that volume knob until you know you're equipment can handle it, this album is more than capable of blowing your speakers to smithereens.

Learning Curve Records

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