Sunday, January 27, 2013

My Bloody Valentine - Debut new song, suggest new album THIS WEEK

Consequence of Sound reports that My Bloody Valentine surprised an audience in London with the premier of a new song (referred to on the setlist as "Rough Song").  The surprises didn't end there however, as frontman Kevin Shields went on to respond to a fan's question by announcing that the new album, the near mythical hypothetical followup to 1991's legendary Loveless, will be released in "maybe two or three days".  Granted this must be taken with a sizable grain of salt given the out-of-nowhere (and noncommittal) nature of the announcement and prior comments about the new album coming out last year, but with a group like MBV it is definitely worth talking about.

As far as the new song goes, it is hard to base any early judgement on the low-quality fan video, but it sounds very much Loveless-esque, which is certainly a good thing.  The video of the performance, as well as Shield's claim can be seen below.

Too good to be true?  Sound off in the comments.

At any rate, this seems like a good time to give an old classic a nostalgically anticipatory spin:

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