Saturday, January 26, 2013

Local SPOTLIGHT: Mitch Clem

For the uninitiated, Mitch Clem is Minnesotan cartoonist and punk rock fan of awesome proportions.  Perhaps his best known work is the webcomic Nothing Nice to Say, which chronicles the escapades of a pair of lovable Minneapolis scenesters.  Also notable are his autobiographical comics San Antonio Rock City and My Stupid Life

I have mentioned in early articles the respect that I have for crossover within media, and Mitch is a great example of that.  Everything that he does is oozing with punk spirit in subject matter as well as fiercely DIY values.  Nowhere has this been as effective as his latest endeavor, Turnstile ComixTurnstile is a series of direct-to-print comics that pairs a collection of true stories (in comic form of course) about a showcased individual band with a 7" record of previously unreleased songs by them.  The first of the series was in 2010, showcasing local legends The Slow Death with a scathing EP and 40+ pages of punk comic mayhem.  Turnstile made it's second release late last year with Brooklyn weirdpunk group The World/Inferno Friendship Society.

Thank you for reading!

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